Special Event – The Anzac on the Wall

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Anzac on the Wall -The story of Australian courage told and sung with humour, poetry and yarns.

The ANZAC on the Wall’ is uniquely entertaining, informative, and appeals to all ages. The concert tells the ANZAC story by focusing on a photograph found in an antique shop, and explores the life of a Light Horseman, Danny Clancy, who landed at Gallipoli and later took part in the Light Horse Charge at Beersheba. The concert uses songs of the era, original compositions, yarn-spinning and Australian verse to look at Danny’s friends in battle, his family waiting at home, and how the war affected them all. The concert also uses projections of relevant war images to illustrate the story.

“I didn’t think I would be moved like that. It was fantastic. It makes you feel so proud of those men”
– Audience member, Drum Theatre, Dandenong April 2013.

Showing in The Lowe Auditorium September 23 and 24