A large part of the theatre is online, and able to be accessed 24/7 with the right credentials.

If you have login details to access our computer systems at the theatre, you are able to login here.

 If you do not have a login yet and believe you should have one, or have forgotten your details, please get in contact with the office, or send an email through the form below to Ashley, our board member who manages our website and IT systems.

Internal Systems

 To access your files away from the theatre, click the below link.

When logged in, open File Station, and any folders you are authorised to access will be displayed to the left.

When finished, just click on the head picture at the top right of the screen, and click Logout.

1812 Webmail

 If you have an 1812 Email Address, you can check your emails here.

The username is your full email address, the password is the one you were provided or have set.

When you login it will ask what email viewer to use, choose Roundcube.


 If you are specifically having a technical issue, please use the form below.

Any other questions cannot be answered via this form, please use the Contact link above to get in contact with the office.