The Shoe-Horn Sonata – NOW PERFORMING!

 In 1812 Productions

In 1945 Sheila and Bridie were freed from a Japanese POW camp.

Now after a half-century separation, the filming of a TV documentary forces them to relive the past. Woven into their fifty years of separation are a shoe-horn and the threads of loyalty and love which form their ‘uncommon bond’.

The Victorian Drama League –

This production of ‘The Shoe-Horn Sonata’ makes me delighted to be a reviewer. It’s refreshing and a little uncommon to have absolutely nothing but praise for a show. It deserves to have overflowing houses, which unfairly, was not the case the night I went.
Do your best to see this production. You’ll be very glad you did.
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Theatre Matters –

The Shoehorn Sonata tells the extraordinary story of two women whose lives were forever changed by the atrocities of war. It’s confronting, thought-provoking, educational and, at times, entertaining – beautifully balanced with some laughs, poignant tear-jerking moments and facts that elicit an audible gasp.
Definitely worth checking out.
Read the review here.

Showing in the bakery@1812 – 23rd March – 22nd April, 2023