Steptoe and Son Now Showing! & Art Exhibition ‘Purple Parchment’ in The Bakery Gallery

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Our first show for 2017 has opened and it’s certainly got the laughter flowing!

Showing for the next four weeks, Steptoe and Son brings Three Brand New Episodes to life on our Lowe Auditorium stage.

We have just released the first of our promotional images on our Facebook Page, see below for the post!

Art Exhibition for Season One – Purple Parchment

We were very pleased with the turn out on our Charity Night for the opening of our new exhibition “Purple Parchment”. Many thanks to all who visited. If you weren’t able to come last night but would still like to visit the exhibition will be continuing until the end of March, including 30 minutes before every performance.

Click below for a preview and more information.

Steptoe and Son Plot and Runtimes

This classic British comedy tells the story of a middle-aged man and his elderly father who run an unsuccessful ‘rag and bone’ business (collecting and selling junk). Harold wants to better himself but his father always seems to ruin things, sometimes accidentally but often deliberately.

 Joined at the hip and heart, they bother, bicker and banter their way through life – toying with each others’ frailties like mean kittens.  Bound by birth, business and poverty, their two lives are knitted together as tight as a thrice darned sock.

 Darkly comic, and deeply moving, this 20th-century icon, charts the tender, cruel and surprising dance of father and son.

Showing in The Lowe Auditorium 23rd February – 18th March, 2017