‘Never the Sinner’ Tickets Now Available, Opening Soon!

 In 1812 Productions

With the ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ now over and bringing our Season Four to a close, we now look towards the thrilling ‘Never the Sinner’ – showing soon in our bakery@1812.


Chicago, May 21, 1924.

Nathan Leopold Jr., age 18, and Robert Loeb, age 19, killed 14 year old Bobby Franks and were quickly apprehended when Leopold’s glasses were found near the corpse.

Clarence Darrow defended them, pleading eloquently against capital punishment.

Why would wealthy young men murder an innocent boy?
What demons lurked behind Leob’s flashing good looks?
Behind Leopold’s saturnine intellect?

Showing in the bakery@1812 – 5th to the 28th October, 2017.


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