Last of the Summer Wine

The Lowe Auditorium
3rd August to 26th August, 2017
Pip Le Blond
Roy Clarke

In this stage adaptation of the timeless television series written by Roy Clarke, Foggy, Clegg and Compo are reunited for one last adventure.

Foggy has designs on winning the affections of Constance, Nora Batty’s niece and the long-suffering fiancé of the hapless Gifford Bewmont. Foggy and Clegg invite the ladies around for an evening’s entertainment, but the duo are unaware that a mysterious flasher is stalking the local community.

Gifford has pledged to apprehend the flasher and has mounted all-night patrols in the village. But his efforts to capture the flasher lead to mistaken identities and even more chaos. When the flasher is eventually unmasked it turns out his intentions are benign, but not before our heroes are nearly undone by the enveloping madness.