During every production in the Lowe Auditorium, we make use of our innovative [email protected] space to bring you The Bakery Gallery.

With each exhibition bringing something unique and thought provoking to the venue, its a must see before you make your way to your seats.

Our Current Exhibition

Bakery Noir

The Bakery Gallery is proud to exhibit the work of Christopher Sheils and Jeremy Swan. Both artists have created for the viewer their own series of stunning images, completed predominantly in black and white, which presented together highlight the strong impact that can be made with the effective use of light and chiaroscuro.

Sheils, working with black and white digital photography, depicts people, objects and places that are united in complex montages. A reminder of the Cubist movement, spearheaded by a young Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in Paris during the early 1900s, Sheils is interested in the limitations of human perception. He presents multiple viewing angles of the same subject simultaneously. By doing this Sheils is seeking to understand how humans interact with and separate themselves from their surrounding environments. Christopher has been the recipient of significant professional admiration in recent times. This has included his been accepted earlier this year into the Soho Photo Group in New York, an honour that entitles him to host an annual solo exhibition.

Swan, winner of the 2016 Immerse Young Artist’s Prize, enjoys using graphite. Preferred because of its portability, Jeremy enjoys using graphite to record transient moments. In his current series of sketches Jeremy observes the commuters around him on trains. He captures the subtleties of their expression and movement caught in a single moment, much like Beethoven hiking through the German countryside with a notebook, sketching out music inspired by nature. Jeremy has an underlying goal that is simple but powerful, encourage others to draw, not for the sake of beauty, but because they want to. The Gallery also has on display examples of some of Jeremy’s high quality acrylic paintings, preserving moments in rich colour.

The Gallery is open to the general public during the 1812 Theatre’s current production of Beyond Reasonable Doubt. Clients who would like to book private viewings are invited to contact Bakery Curator Matthew Ducza to arrange an appointment.

0425 740963/ [email protected]

The gallery opens 30 minutes before each performance of Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

The Bakery Gallery Online Store

The Bakery Gallery is an innovative display venue attached to The 1812 Theatre. You may follow the attached link to view and explore our new online gallery.

The Bakery space has long provided facilities for high-quality theatrical productions as well as art shows, held in conjunction with each of our four annual theatre seasons in the Lowe Theatre.

With a focus on contemporary art, visitors to both our physical and online galleries can explore our diverse range of artists.

Generous return conditions are available.

Visitors are always welcome to arrange a time with us to view an artwork that they would like to have in their home.