The Haunting of Daniel Gartrell

In association with Swampfox Productions

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7th April to 23rd April
John Bishop
Reg Cribb

Under an ochre sky something happened at Mt. Ragged. The incident inspired celebrated bush poet Daniel Gartrell’s most analysed piece of verse … the final verse of which has never been published.

 Now an enigma, Gartrell lives as a recluse in his decrepit house, his only contact with his daughter, Sarah.

Gartrell is at home, thinking very oblique thoughts, when an emerging actor from Bondi knocks on his door. The ambitious and optimistic actor has been cast to play Gartrell in a biographical movie, and in his research for the role, he is ready for anything… or so he thinks.

 The ’Haunting of Daniel Gartrell’ is a thought provoking, at times humorous and quintessentially Australian story that takes the audience on an unexpected journey, revealing how our secrets and past experiences can shape who we are.